Finally, it was time for our yearly lokal dog show.

We were ready in time although we had a lot of things to do and to groom a lot of dogs.

We had fantastic weather. As judge, we had invited Fern Sargeant from England, Coaharbeg Collies. She took her time to evaluate precicely every dog.

All our dogs got very nice judge reports. We showed our 2 veterans Umber and Urte, who both won their classes. Urte won the toss for best Collie Veteran.
Furthermore, we showed our youngsters Xperia and Xyla and we were really happy when they placed 3. and 4. out of the 10 junior class bitches. Sister Xenia got an excellent, too.
Wenke won the intermediate class and her sister Wolke got Exc 3.  
The 2 sons of Umber "Clyde vom schwarzen Feuer" and "Eragon von den Ückerwiesen" got nice judge reports as well.

At the end Urte wurde doch tatsächlichbecame Best Veteran in Show! 

Just for fun we showed 2 breeding goups; the black one (Xyla, Wenke and Xperia) won against the red one (Xenia, Urte and Umber).

We were really happy that Xaver und Ronja (Xonia) came as visitors. So it was quite natural to have a family shooting and a lot of playing. 
It was a great day. Thanks for comming.
More pictures can be found on Ronja`s homepage: http://www.collies-hundesport.de/

A little bit tired but happy to meet friends and like-minded people we started our trip to Bad Düben with Urte, Wenke, Xyla and Xperia on early sunday morning.

Our dogs weren`t to Angela Harvey`s (Wicani Collies) liking but this couldn´t spoil the party. Only Xperia could place herself with Exc 4 in a large junoir class with 15 bitches and Urte got an Exc 3 in the veteran class. In addition, we showed our black breeding groug again and won a wonderful trophy.

Some sons of Umber where quite succesful; "Ducan vom Hahneflüsschen" got Exc 2 in the open class and his brother Duc got excellent. "Erik vom Postberg" got Exc 3 in the champion class.

This time, Lumi (Lumiprinsessa) was visiting us and brought a lot of tasty things for the two-leged people.